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RP PRO Turns to ArcMail for Partnership
Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 02:59:00 PM

November 9, 2012 -- The email archiving and regulatory compliance markets are heating up, and for IT solution providers such as RP PRO, based in Medina, Ohio, having a successful partnership to support customers’ critical IT demands across these technology areas is vital.

In business since 2005, RP PRO has seen its archiving business grow to more than 30 percent of its overall revenue since joining forces in 2007 with ArcMail, an award-winning provider of email archiving solutions. RP PRO has strengthened its ArcMail solutions expertise through the years to the point that it was recently named a master distributor to support ArcMail resellers across the U.S.

“Archiving is critical to customers in markets such as education, government and finance – where protecting email data becomes an important legal and human resources issue,” says Rob Pagura, president and founder of RP PRO.

Beyond email archiving, customers in these markets are also in need of archiving to protect instant messaging data as well as content across Google AppsTM email, SalesforceTM, SharePointTM and other applications and platforms.

“ArcMail has come through for us with solutions in each of these areas to address our customers’ changing demands,” says Pagura. “The ease of installation of the ArcMail products, and the company’s willingness to work closely with our customers to ensure a successful implementation, provides an added competitive edge and makes my job as a solution provider that much easier.”

RP PRO’s growth in the education market in particular has been significant in the past year, having recently installed ArcMail archiving solutions at a number of K-12 schools in Wisconsin, Georgia and Indiana, including moving customers from Exchange and FirstClass archiving solutions to ArcMail GuardianTM, a GmailTM archiving appliance.

“Google Apps email is growing in popularity among K-12 schools, and, since its launch in 2011, ArcMail Guardian is already successfully established and proven in the market as a best-in-class archiving choice for customers looking to reap the cost savings and convenience of Google Apps email, while also addressing business continuity and data protection issues,” says Pagura.

ArcMail Guardian integrates Google-hosted email with email from other corporate sources such as Microsoft Exchange, offering a centralized, hybrid approach to email archiving. It consists of an on-premise appliance that simultaneously retrieves, indexes and archives all email messages – whether they are hosted by traditional email servers or as part of cloud-based corporate Google accounts. The archiving appliance also gives organizations the added benefit of owning a copy of all email data, allowing easy migration of that data to new email platforms in the future.

In addition to the recently launched ArcMail for SharePointTM solution, ArcMail Guardian represents one of the newest additions to ArcMail’s Defender line of email archiving appliances, which range in capacity from 500GB to 32TB, with larger customized solutions also available. The Defender appliances feature a fault-tolerant open source design, multiple configuration options and archiving speeds of up to 500,000-plus messages per day.

VMware Represents Next Growth Phase in Archiving Market

What’s next in information archiving? Pagura says that virtualization of hardware, software and networks represents a sea change in enterprise computing, and is already impacting the archiving market in a big way.

As SMBs and customers across the government and education markets look to reduce their dependence on costly hardware and reduce administrative and energy costs, VMware offers a powerful and affordable alternative. And with virtual appliance solutions from ArcMail hitting the market to support archiving in VMware environments, customers – including colleges, universities and K-12 schools -- have added confidence in their ability to meet regulatory compliance requirements, while also ensuring that email data is protected at every turn. A college in Georgia recently turned to RP PRO and ArcMail for this very reason, says Pagura.

“Archiving in the VMware market is really on the upswing, and we see it as an important focus for our business in 2013. ArcMail’s ability to address this market affordably and effectively will go a long way toward winning us added business in the months and years ahead as our customers turn more and more to virtualized server environments,” Pagura says.

The beauty of working with ArcMail, he adds, is that the company is always one step ahead when it comes to product innovation and serving its partners and customers.

“We have a great partnership. ArcMail makes my company and my customers their top priority. I look forward to working with the ArcMail team for many years to come,” Pagura says.

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