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"Get It Faster" Is Theme for New ArcMail Social Media Contest Focused on Enterprise Information Archiving
Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 02:06:52 PM


Shreveport, La. – Jan. 17, 2012 – Seeking to expand its social media presence while underscoring its enterprise information archiving value proposition, ArcMail Technology, Inc. today announced a new Twitter contest called “Get It Faster.”

In January, the company launched the first “Get It Faster” contest in a series of competitions that ArcMail will run throughout the year – each boasting a different theme and prizes that are defined by those who enter. Each “Get It Faster” contest begins on the first day of the month and extends through the last day of that month, with the January contest now underway and the February contest slated to begin soon.

The current contest theme revolves around New Year's resolutions. To enter, Twitter users must log in to Twitter through the contest page, follow ArcMail's Twitter account, and then explain in a 140-character tweet how the prize of their choice (valued at up to $50) will help them achieve their New Year's resolution.

According to Linda Hartman, Vice President of Marketing for ArcMail, the contests align with the company’s core brand messaging, which is to help its business customers find archived files and attachments in seconds. Correspondingly, the “Get It Faster” contests help ArcMail followers find the prizes they want quickly.

“What makes ‘Get It Faster’ stand out is its creativity and simple reinforcement of ArcMail's brand messaging, and the different theme each month keeps participants engaged and coming back for more. It makes seemingly square technology more fun and engaging to a social audience,” said Hartman.

The target markets for the contests are broad and include ArcMail customers and resellers; all IT professionals in enterprise, government, finance and other regulated industries in need of archiving for compliance management; as well as industry-relevant professionals and influencers who are active on Twitter.

Winners will be announced on ArcMail's blog and Twitter page immediately after each contest ends. The January winner will be revealed on February 1.

Contest Supports ArcMail Focus on Innovation in Information Archiving

Whether through its social media strategies or its archiving solutions, ArcMail continues to look for innovative ways to serve its customers. In 2012, the company launched a series of game-changing products including an archiving appliance for™ Chatter™, the real-time enterprise collaboration platform; ArcMail Guardian, an email archiving solution for Google Apps™ email; and ArcMail for Instant Messaging, a new IM archiving appliance that works with all the most popular IM platforms including Yahoo!®, AOL Instant Messenger® (AIM) and MSN®.

In November, the company introduced the ArcMail Defender Cloud Storage Gateway, a new breed of gateway technology that enables businesses to designate the files they want securely at breakneck speeds, while also taking advantage of the datacenter cost savings that cloud storage allows.

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